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5-Stage Filtration

What is Med+Odor HEPA Filtration?

Our proprietary MED+ODOR HEPA Filtration system uses cutting-edge filter-based Technology to efficiently capture and destroy virus-size particles, mold spores, dust, unpleasant odors, smoke and 8+ other contaminants, significantly enhancing indoor air quality.

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Does the filtration produce negative ions?

The YesAir Purifier contains an optional ionizer, which releases negative ions naturally present near oceans, mountains, and waterfalls. These healthy ions help capture harmful particles by attracting and attaching to them. As the negative ions increase the weight of particles, YesAir filters them more effectively.

Does the YesAir 1000 produce ozone that I should worry about?

Thanks to its advanced ozone-free technology, the YesAir Purifier is safe for adults, babies, and pets. It has a certified Ozone-Safe Ionizer, which you can turn on or off as required. The air purifier has been tested by Intertek labs and found to be 98% lower than the certifiable limit (0.050) at 0.001 parts per million (ppm) for ozone. The testing laboratories consider this number zero ozone due to its low value. The YesAir Purifier has been certified under UL STD. 867 and its ozone testing guidelines by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), and It is California Air Resources Board (CARB) Certified. You can trust that this air purifier will improve your air quality, not worsen it.

Does the system utilize UV-C Light technology?

Our company utilizes advanced MED+ODOR sterilization technology, which employs filters instead of UV-C light. Although UV-C light technology can be safe in specific applications, we have chosen not to incorporate it into our current systems. We have set a high standard for the safety and effectiveness of our products, and our engineers will continue to test various air purification technologies for use in our products.

Does YesAir make safe products?

Yes! You can be confident that YesAir Purifiers are among the safest options available for homes, nurseries, schools, medical offices, and workplaces. Our company prioritizes effectiveness and safety in our products, and we have over 18 years of experience in the industry. We also value transparency and are committed to providing our customers with information and facts about YesAir products.