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Warranty Registration

Activate Your 3 Year Warranty 

Warranty Terms

Our product is backed by a 3-year warranty, ensuring you can be confident in your purchase.

You can find information about the following topics below:
  • Find the Product Serial Number
  • Warranty Terms & Conditions
  • Exclusions
  • File a Warranty Claim

    Note: Complete the registration within 30 Days of Receipt to activate your warranty upgrade.

    When you register, you will need to provide the following information:
    • Your name, address, and email address (Used for Confirmation)
    • Product Serial Number (max 5 per registration)
    • Answers to some basic questions
    • Registering your product should only take 5 minutes or less, and it's necessary to receive a free upgrade to a 3-year warranty. You'll only receive a one-year limited warranty by default if you don't register. Protect your investment for longer, and do it for free by registering your product today!

    Serial Number

    Where do I find the Serial Number?

    The air purifier's serial number, which begins with the letter P, is on the back of the unit.


    3 Year Warranty 

    Terms & Conditions

    • Covers manufacturing defects in materials or quality
    • Does not cover wear and tear 
    • Warranty cannot be transferred
    • Proof of purchase is required. This can be an order number or receipt
    • 3-year warranty defaults to a limited one year warranty if registration isn’t provided within 30 days of receipt 
    • Filters are covered by a prorated warranty based on the useful life of the product
    • Filters must be replaced routinely as as indicated in the User Guide 


    • Failure to Perform Routine Maintenance with Original Filters: If the owner does not perform recommended routine maintenance, such as filter replacements, cleaning or use original filter replacements, it may void the warranty.
    • Power Surges and Electrical Issues: Damage resulting from power surges, electrical issues, or use of improper voltage or power adapters may be excluded from the warranty.

    • Cosmetic Damage: Cosmetic issues like scratches, dents, or surface damage that do not affect the functionality of the air purifier may not be covered.

    • Industrial Use in a Residential & Commercial Business Warranty: If the air purifier is used in a residential setting but experiences wear and tear typical of a industrial environment, the warranty may be voided.

    Warranty Claim

    How do I file a claim under warranty?

    If you experience any problems with your unit, don't worry. We will promptly repair or replace it while it is still under warranty. To start the claim process, please fill out the claim form, and one of our dedicated Customer Support team members will contact you to guide you through the process.

    Complete the Warranty Claim Form or Contact Support


    • Before returning your unit for service, you must obtain approval and an RMA number for your warranty claim. You must write this near the shipping label to ensure a smooth claims process.
    • The owner is responsible for securely packaging and mailing the unit to our California Service Center.
    • YesAir may repair, replace, or provide a comparable machine when servicing units under warranty. 
    • YesAir will return the unit to you at our expense after making necessary repairs.