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YesAir 1000 Air Purifier - 3 Room Deal


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YesAir® Air Purifiers

Better Air, Better Health. Make this the year to upgrade your air quality and reduce allergens, pet dander, chemicals, mold, and odors in your home. Start living your best life and say Yes to Clean Air for a healthier you.



Model Number


Download the User Guide PDF

Room Coverage

1020 Square Feet*

Up to 1020 sq. ft. based on 2 air changes per hour

Up to 510 sq. ft. based on 4 air changes per hour

*It is recommended to get four air changes in the room for those with severe Allergies or Asthma.

Recommended Uses

Allergies, Asthma, Smoke, Toxins, House Dust, Animal Dander, Odors, Mold Spores, Paint Fumes and more


Available in White or Black


27.8 H x 11.8 W x 11.8 D in.


23 lbs. (10.4 kg)

Housing Material

Precision-cut Steel sheets, Powder Coat Finish

Child-Safety Features

  • Child-Lock
  • Power Shut-off When Tilted
  • Safety Certified by Intertek

Sleep Modes

  • Manual Sleep Mode
  • *Automatic (Auto) Light-Activated Sleep Mode

*The YesAir Purifier enters Auto Sleep Mode after two minutes with no ambient light

Programmable Timer

1-8 Hours


  • 2 in 1 Pre-Filter and True medical-grade HEPA 13 filter
  • Separate Charcoal-based Activated Carbon Filter


  • Yes
  • On/Off capability
  • Ozone-Free Technology

Filter Life

  • Up to 12 Months (most conditions)
  • Check filters every 6 months

Number of Filters to Change

Two separate filters sold together in One filter set

YesAir 1000 Filter Set

If needed, you can purchase the Charcoal Filter separately from the annual filter set.

Filter Check/Change Indicator

Yes, panel lights flash red

Press and Hold the SLEEP button to reset indicator

Medical HEPA Filter Efficiency

Medical-Grade HEPA Filter material (H13) Grade, Lab-tested to confirm the efficiency

Captures 99.9% of ultrafine particles down to 0.1 microns in size*

*Particles below 0.1 microns are captured with our filters down to 0.01 microns at a lower efficiency rate

Noise (decibels)

Sleep - 28
Speed 1 - 35
Speed 2 - 43
Speed 3 - 45
Speed 4 (Turbo) - 60

Airflow - Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)

Speed 1 - 91
Speed 2 - 152
Speed 3 - 191
Speed 4 (Turbo) - 261

Control Panel

7.5-inch OLED Touch-Screen

Remote Control


WiFi App Control

Download the Smart Life - Smart Living App from Google Play or the Apple Store to connect your YesAir Purifier

Number of Fan Speeds

Speeds 1 - 4 (Turbo)

Floor Stand

Floor Stand with Wheels (Sold Separately)

This accessory is favored by hospitals, clinics, schools, hotels or places where children are present.

Power (watts)

Standby - 2
Speed 1 - 9.3
Speed 2 - 17.5
Speed 3 - 28.5
Speed 4 (Turbo) - 46


120V ~ 60Hz

Ozone Free Technology


Conforms to UL STD. 867. The YesAir Purifier tested 98% lower than the certified limit of (0.050) at 0.001 parts per million (ppm) for Ozone Safe products sold in California.

Product Achievements

Lab Tested and Certified by Intertek,
a nationally recognized testing laboratory and a global leader in product safety testing.

CARB Certified by the California Air Resources Board to meet the requirements for ozone safe products sold in California.

FCC Certified by the Federal Communications Commission to comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules.

Warranty Period

3 Year Limited Warranty

Register Your Product online or over the phone within 30 days of purchase

Note: YesAir may sometimes update this page at its sole discretion.

  • YesAir 1000 Air Purifier
  • Filter Set:
  • (1) YesAir Med+ HEPA Filter
  • (2) YesAir Activated Carbon Filter
  • App Instructions
  • Remote
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Information 
  • Power Cord

The Perfect Air Purifier for Homes, Businesses, and Medical

User-Friendly Technology

Common Questions


Up to 1020 square feet

Replace the filter set every 12 months of use to ensure optimal performance. Check the filters every 6 months or when the red lights flash. Use a vacuum hose to remove debris from the air purifier as needed. However, do not wash the filters. Learn more about YesAir Filters

It can be challenging to distinguish between the two terms, but California has taken the initiative by implementing strict regulations for air cleaners sold in the state. These regulations mandate that air cleaners must be CARB Certified by the California Air Resources Board and meet other specifications, ensuring they are environmentally and Ozone safe. The Yes Air Purifier is incredibly safe regarding Ozone levels, testing 98% lower than the certified limit, essentially testing Zero Ozone.

The Yes Air Purifier YES-1000 is a certified Ozone-Safe air purifier. The Ionizer used in the YesAir tested 98% lower than the certified limit (0.050) at 0.001 parts per million and is safe around humans and pets. It's lab tested under UL STD. 867 and California Air Resources Board (CARB) Certified. The built-in Ionizer is optional and turns off if desired. Learn more about Yes Air Filter Technology.

An Ozone Generator is a machine with a specific purpose (NOT an air purifier) that emits high amounts of Ozone to combat issues like mold accumulation after a flood. It is unsafe for humans or pets to be present when these machines are running as they produce high levels of unsafe Ozone (O3), which can cause difficulties in breathing.

The Yes Air Purifier Med+Odor filter system provides the ultimate protection against virus-size particles, odors, and gases. Lab test results show the MED+ODOR Medical (H13) HEPA filter removes 99% of the H1N1 virus in lab-conducted tests. As we conduct more testing with the lab, we will update the COVID-19 information.

Choosing the right air purifier from the numerous available brands can be daunting. To make an informed decision, here are some factors to consider.

Q: Is it safe?

A: At Yes Air, we prioritize creating products that are both effective and meet or surpass safety standards. You can rest assured that our dedication to safety is unwavering. Learn more about Our Technology.

Q: Is it a quality product?

A: Yes Air is committed to providing top-notch quality for our customers. Our air purifiers are made with lightweight steel housing, OLED displays, advanced Japanese motor technology, and Medical-Grade MED+ODOR filtration, among other features. We strive to exceed your expectations in every way possible. We invite you to try our products risk-free and experience the difference for yourself.

Q: How long has the company been around? What is the ease of access to replacement filters or support?

A: We have operated in the air purifier industry since 2005. In 2021, we rebranded to Yes Air to make it easier for our customers to access replacement filters, service, and support. Our website is concise, straightforward, and easy to remember. You can visit us frequently at YesAir.com.

Q: What is the expected filter replacement cost and schedule?

A: The Yes Air replacement filter set costs $119 and has an average 6-12 months lifespan.

There are two ways to activate the sleep mode of the air purifier. The first is Manual Sleep mode, which can be done by simply pressing a button. 

The second one is Light-activated Sleep mode, which happens when the air purifier is in AUTO mode. If the room is dark for 2 minutes, the air purifier will automatically enter sleep mode. It will resume in AUTO mode once ambient light is detected again.

Definitely! The YesAir 1000 has a brushless motor manufactured in Japan. It only uses 2 watts while in standby mode and up to 55 watts at its maximum speed.

Yes! Running the air purifier continuously for 24 hours is safe as it is designed to operate continuously. The brushless direct current (BLDC) motor used in the YesAir 1000 is a long-lasting quality component manufactured in Japan.

Air purifiers function by circulating clean air at various speeds and moving a specific air volume per minute, measured in CFMs or cubic feet per minute. However, air purifiers with fans may not always be ultra-quiet, as noise levels vary based on the speed setting. We have provided a noise level guide for each speed setting to help you understand what to expect from the YesAir 1000.

  • Sleep Mode - Ultra-Quiet - (Rustling Leaves - 28 dBA)
  • Speed 1 - Ultra-Quiet 
  • Speed 2 - Quiet Whisper 
  • Speed 3 - Quiet Home
  • Speed 4 (Turbo) - Quiet Street - 60 dBA)

At YesAir, we want you to be completely satisfied with your air purifier, filter, and accessory purchases. That's why we offer a guarantee that you'll love your product or you can return it for a refund. We've been dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction since 2005, and we stand by our promise to provide you with a satisfying experience. If for any reason you're not happy with your purchase, we have a 30-day return policy for a refund. If you need any help or have questions, please contact our Customer Success team or visit our Return & Refund page.

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